Jessica Simpson - A Woman Of Strength And Courage.

Jessica Simpson - A Woman Of Strength And Courage.

Jessica Simpson sells on Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay and occasionally on Vinted. She also sells vintage jewelry on Etsy.

Poshmark is Jessica's favorite platform to sell on. She started Poshmark by selling things in her own closet. It slowly turned into one of her passions. It doesn't hurt that she likes to shop. Sourcing is the best perk Jessica gets from reselling.

Jessica asks the question " How do I Posh with everything going on in my life?" Her answer is everywhere. On the train, before a shower, sometimes in the shower with her hand sticking out. Whatever it takes is her motto. She hates excuses and barely talks about her personal battles.

Jessica lives in Queens, NY with her daughter Isabella and her father Ernesto. Jessica's daughter attends a school for gifted students. Her father is on dialysis and needs Jessica's assistance to take his medication.

Jessica was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She suffers chronic debilitating fatigue. There are days that are physically challenging, but she gets through them with grace and courage.

Jessica works full time as an immigration paralegal. She also takes online classes through the City University of New York. She only has four classes left to receive her bachelors degree in business.  

Aside from all the personal roles Jessica fills in her life, she always finds time to Posh. It's become one of her favorite hobbies. She hopes to turn selling on Poshmark into a fulltime business one day.

Jessica is a true superwoman. She walks through life as if she were walking through a field of bullets. She doesn't let her health and life challenges stop her from achiveing her life goals. 

I hope jessica achieves everything she wants in life and more.


Listen to Jessica tell her story in her own words. click to listen to the podcast.


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