Amber Aaron Mosley - A Woman of Elegence

Amber Aaron Mosley - A Woman of Elegence

Amber Aaron Mosley is a wife, mom and entrepreneur. She also happens to be a Poshmark Ambassador. 

Amber and her husband own a marketing design firm out of necessity for the graphic needs of their growing small business. Six years later, they service website and graphic design needs for a diverse clientele in a host of industries. 

Amber welcomed a son in 2014 and added work from home parent to her resume. In 2018 after noticing a lack of representation I motherhood community for Black mothers, she co-founded and branded Moms In Color while parenting with her second child, a daughter.

Up until Amber made the decision to leave her corporate job and embark on the journey through entrepreneurship, the road had been relatively smooth. Life was comfortable and somewhat predictable knowing she'd receive a salaried paycheck every two weeks whether or not she showed up at her job.  

The journey didn't  look like anybody else's in her family or many of her peers, for that matter, so when the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship reared it's ugly head, the unanimous suggestions was 'to get a job', despite knowing she was likely working harder than most people with 9 to 5s. 

Fast forward six years through successful and failed ventures, Amber and her husband have grown their business to the point where they can sustain their family of four in Los Angeles.

Moms In Color was co-founded in 2018 after a deep need was realized for Black mothers within the motherhood community. Attending events and experiencing a lack of representation of Black moms translated into repeated discomfort in those spaces, and that void had to be filled.    

The first conference, 'Celebrating our Magic ' was hosted in March 2018 and welcomed over 100 women to engage in panel discussions and breakout sessions surrounding the Black maternal health care crisis and self care. More importantly, it was a safe space where mothers could be vulnerable, be seen, as well as heard.

Upon Ambers departure serving actively with Moms In Color, she was humbled at the opportunity to help begin filling a void within the Black motherhood community. Knowing she has helped create something more impactful than she could imagine, something she has seen positively impact every woman who attended any event, has been one of the most meaningful endeavors.

Amber does not take lightly the privilege she has to create where certain needs exist whether in fashion, branding or creating a resource for Black mothers, and it humbles her to know people take any interest in what she has to share with the world. Being actively engaged in something you love and which inspires you is never work, an advantage so few experience. And for that, Amber is endlessly grateful.


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