Whitney Ramirez - Bouncing Back

Whitney Ramirez - Bouncing Back

Whitney Ramirez is 39 years old. She is married to Steven and is the mother to 9 year old twins, Jackson and Willow.

Whitney downloaded the Poshmark app in 2012. She was casually active back then. When she started selling on the app, it was very random. She listed items here and there just to clean out her own closet.

Whitney's father Thomas was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in March 2017. Whitney walked away from an $80,000 a year job to care for him.

After her father's diagnosis Whitney and her family moved her father into their home. The next several months of Whitney's life was spent researching treatment options for her father. Her full time job had transitioned from corporate world, to a modified position in health care. She became a researcher, nurse, pharmacist, emergency vehicle driver, professional email writer and advocate for her father's healthcare.


After 20 months of intense research, 50 treatment plans and a trip to Mexico for an intense 3 week in patient treatment program, Whitney's father lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in November 2018.

Whitney discovered that illness and death really have a way of showing you who and what is truly important an the end of the day. Through it all she learned that passion, patience, persistence and love are the only ways to prevail.

Enter Poshmark.

Whitney has always been a shopper and a bargain hunter, so it was just natural to merge the two worlds into a full time business. 

After educating herself by watching YouTube videos created by other resellers, she immediately jumped in with both feet and started researching current trends and what was selling for different seasons. She purchased a few essential supplies to get started, and now she is selling on the Poshmark app full time.

Whitney loves working her business full time. The business allows her flexibility to be able to participate in her children's everyday lives. Her 9 year old twins are very active and involved in a lot of extra curricular activites. So, being able to start and stop work when she wants is huge because she wants her children growing up knowing their mom was there to support them, while also following her passion.

So, although Whitney has been working her business full time for a few months, she has lofty goals set for herself. She wants to make daily sales, grow her Poshmark closet to 2,000 active listings, be very active on Instagram and form a friendships with other resellers in the community.

Whitney is keeping the family legacy going. Her father was an entrepreneur most of his life. His entrepreneurial blood runs through her veins. So why not honor him, by walking in his footsteps. 

Whitney's ultimate goal is to make her dad proud. She has done that by being a person of true strength and courage.


Whitney's Poshmark Closet: https://poshmark.com/closet/repeat_offender

 Whitney's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/repeatoffenderboutique



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