Tori and Bill - A Reselling Partnership

Tori and Bill - A Reselling Partnership

Tori and Bill have been married for over 17 years and have always treated their relationship like a partnership. When they first started dating , everyone said they were too opposite to last, but those differences made them work. Bill is always ready to jump without looking while Tori over analyzes every situation. Tori is obsessed with finances and spreadsheets and Bill loves cleaning. Bill has also always been supportive of Tori's love for thrifting and reselling but was never something they did together very often.

Tori started their small business, GirlyGrrlStyle, about 14 months ago as a side hustle to pay off her student debt. She over analyzed every aspect of it. She created a business plan, did all the research, set up their inventory and database systems. She was able to make over $5,000 in 6 months doing Poshmark alone part time while working a full time job. About this time, Bill started taking a more active role in the business. Tori and Bill decided that he would go part time at his current job and part time on the business and see what happened. It turned out all those differences make for the perfect partnership.

Bill started doing more and more so that Tori could focus on her day job. They saw a constant increase in revenue and productivity and together made the decision for Bill to go full time into reselling. Bill even opened and runs their second closet 324finds.

Tori and Bill truly work as a team in all aspects, even though they each have tasks they love a little more than others. They both source together. Bill cleans and photographs, Tori lists for GirlyGrrlStyle and takes care of social media. Bill lists for 324finds and does all of the sharing while Tori takes care of the books. Bill also takes care of the house and their fur baby, Lily.

The experience that Tori and Bill share together is continuing to morph into other avenues. They can't wait to see what the future holds.


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