Rochell & Tabe Skalla - Glitterwell

Rochell & Tabe Skalla - Glitterwell

Rochell and Tabe have been married for 11 years . They have two children, one is Elaine who is 22 and Lynne who is 8. They live for their children.

Tabe is a police officer and Rochell is a full-time reseller. Rochell had a full-time job when she started to use the Poshmark app. She was only really interested in reselling to get rid of her daughter's clothes after she outgrew them. Then after realizing how easy it was she started to notice all the items in her personal closet that she never wore anymore and figured she would try to sell them too.

Rochell was pretty overwhelmed on the app at first. So many people welcoming her and saying she should share and follow and join parties, etc. She pretty much ignored all of it because it was so overwhelming. She didn't know how to post anything let alone navigate anything else.

Rochell slowly learned how to work the app and she decided to invest in a mannequin (which she calls Gloria) and really put some time into it.

That was almost two years ago. Since September 2018, things have been drastically changed for the Skallas in a good way. Rochell read an Instagram post that changed the way they looked at Poshmark. It said she should try to get 300-500 new followers a day and post 3-5 items even if they had to delete items and repost. Rochell has great success with that technique and often delete and repost stale listings. Especially when there is no new inventory.

Rochell instantly started to actively get followers and to share more. Things she always did, but not seriously. She never even shared her own closet more than once or twice a week. She just didn't know how important it was.

This is when Tabe jumped in. He started sharing the closet and getting followers for Rochell, which allowed her to work her full-time Monday thru Friday job and post during the day. This was probably around September of 2018 and we started to see a huge increase in sales and were finally making consistent sales on a daily basis.

Then Tabe found sourcing. This is something it turns out he is very good at. Rochell is not. If she doesn't like it, she will pass it up. Tabe is excellent at it. He does research right in the store and makes sure it's a good buy. He has learned how to spot fakes from across the room. She is still learning that piece.

Rochell and Tabe invested in a light kit and that made all the difference in their pictures. Rochell is the photographer and Tabe is the sourcer. They enjoy sourcing together on weekends when their daughter Lynne has a sleepover. 

In May 2019, Rochell and Tabe were the winners of The Posh King's raffle to support The Lymphoma foundation and that took their business to the next level. Brad and Jon went to the Skalla's house and spent the day with them teaching them more about the Poshmark app and how to really increase sales. They learned a lot from them and have started sourcing smarter for their buisiness.

Rochell has since stopped working her Monday thru Friday job. She is now a full-time reseller. Rochell and Tabe know that if you invest part time to your business you will have part time results and they want to grow their business. Tabe still works full-time but since he works nights and Rochell works days, he is able to share their closet at night which is super helpful.

Rochell and Tabe help each other and they have the same goal which is to have the freedom and the time to enjoy each other and their children.

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