Rebecca Freda - The Reseller Mom

Rebecca Freda - The Reseller Mom

Rebecca Freda is a hustle at home wife and reseller mom based in Orlando, Florida.

She is married to Liberato and her human child is Giovanni who is 3.5 years old and a doggie child name Malia.


Rebecca is originally from New Jersey. 

Her former career was in Event Planning & Hospitality Sales.

When she decided to stay home with her son Gio, she learned about an app called Totspot and started selling Gio's outgrown baby clothes in June 2016. She then learned from the community of moms on the app that you could buy from thrift stores and sell the items on the app for a profit, she was hooked.

Poshmark soon bought out Totspot and she sold her first item on Poshmark in August 2016. 

Rebecca now sells on Poshmark, Ebay and Mercari for 3 years. She is close to selling her 10,000 item online.

Rebecca also sells shirts with Print on Demand through Etsy & Merch by Amazon. She has sold over 1200 shirts to date.

In February 2019, Rebecca finally started The Reseller Mom Show on YouTube and Instagram. She shares reseller mom content, such as how to get more things done in a day, how to make more money and stay sane while raising kids and selling online.

Tune in to The Reseller Mom show if you are a mom or a reseller looking for tips and trick on how to grow your business.


 Rebecca's Poshmark Closet:

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