Karen & Jay - The Thrifty Flamingo

Karen & Jay - The Thrifty Flamingo

Karen Started selling on Ebay in 2008 but not as a business. She was creating her own clothing to sell on Etsy. She had her own clothing line. A few of her items walked down the fashion runway. She sold all her leftover materials on Ebay to recoup some money to reinvest in more product. Unfortunately  she couldn't create inventory fast enough to sustain and make enough money. She ended up closing her Etsy shop.


In 2013 Karen started selling on Poshmark. She lost 40+lbs and had lots of larger clothes that were hanging off her due to the weight loss. She couldn't afford a new wardrobe, so she started to sell all her larger clothes in order to purchase a new wardrobe in smaller sizes. A year and a half into selling on Poshmark, Karen looked at her stats and her total earned. Her mind was BLOWN! A light bulb went of for her. She started to research brands and how to acquire inventory. The rest is history. Karen also started selling on Ebay again.

In 2017 Karen quit her job to resell full time. She was a drivers Ed teacher. She missed teaching people so she decided to start a YouTube channel as a way to teach people about Poshmark.

In October 2017 Karen attended her first Poshfest. Her husband Jay made the journey with her, but did not attend the actual event. After attending Poshfest, Karen convinced Jay to open a mens Poshmark closet. Jay started to learn how to source and list while working full time. In 2018 Karen's business was growing faster than she could handle on her own. Jay wanted to help. Karen started teaching Jay how to ship, do inventory and handle bookkeeping. Then Jay was laid off. It was a blessing in disguise.

In April 2018 Karen and Jay created a course on Teachable called Poshing for Profits. They currently have over 300 active students and still growing. They started to travel and spread the word about Poshmark. They went to Austin Texas to talk to a group of resellers that meet once a year. It was then Karen found out she was pregnant. 

Now Karen and Jay run their business and raise their son Tiberious from home. Jay has joined the YouTube adventures as well. He never understood why Karen was like, "I have go make a YouTube video." Now he totally gets it. Karen says it has been a challenge running business and making YouTube videos. 

Karen says you get so used to being self sufficient and sticking to a schedule for everything (sourcing, photography, listing and everything else), but with a 4.5 month old, monkey wrenches get thrown in that schedule all the time.

Karen and Jay are learning to divide and conquer. Karen will be doing baby time and Jay will be in his studio taking photos and making drafts or vice versa or baby will be chillin with Jay while Karen packs orders. Together they  are making life and business work.

Poshing for profits course: https://www.poshingforprofits.com

Use Coupon Code: Podcast50 to receive a discount on the course.

Thrifty Flamingo Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/thriftyflamingo

Thrifty Flamingo Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thriftyflamingo

 Karen's Poshmark Closet: https://poshmark.com/closet/pinkflamingobtq

Jay's Poshmark Closet: https://poshmark.com/closet/posh_penguin






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