Shop from The Oddly Placed Racks First

Shop from The Oddly Placed Racks First

When you head into your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, local Thrift Store or whichever store you source from, make sure to shop the oddly placed racks first.

You know, the racks, that are by the door, way in the back and next to the dressing rooms.

The racks sitting in the middle of the floor are usually the racks that have just been brought out from the back. The sales associate has walked away for a moment and now is the time for you to strike. Quickly go through the rack an grab all of the good items.

Don't forget to check the racks by the dressing rooms. These items have been tried on, but for some reason the last customer did not want them. Here you will find lots of brands on your wish list. 

Always keep your eye out for these racks. They are brought out several times a day.  Store discount days are the best days to hit these rack.

My local Goodwill's bring out extra racks and just leave them. I find all of my best items on these special racks.

So keep a look out for these racks. Do it casually if you must. All the other resellers will be doing the same thing.

Best wishes and happy sourcing.

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